The Importance of Fellowshipping with God, The Father



There will come a time of when the world around us will become so chaotic that we will need to rely with what we learned from God, the Father, within our Prayer Closets, in our Quiet Time. This is because the Word of God must have taken such deep root within us, so that even the most deceiving and chaotic moments in our lives will not fall for the deception that evil will try to portray through the manipulation of the 5 human senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching of things. It is through the guidance of the Holy Spirit that we will be able to sense which things are of Divinity and which are not. Which ways are of Divinity, and which ways are not. It is so important for us to understand that our connection through the Creator was reestablished through the death of Jesus Christ, with His Death on the Cross, so that we could be found worthy enough to be in the very Presence of the Throne Room of God.

The time we take to spend with communicating with God, the Father…the Creator…by way through which Jesus Christ provided at the Cross, we receive a wider view into the window of God’s the way Divinity views the world and its ways; and how they fall in correlation to the Eternal Paradise and its ways. God does say that His Ways do not conform to the ways of this world. And whatever may seem beautiful in this world; may not be as beautifully viewed in the Eyes of the Creator. So if we want to enter into the Eternal Paradise, and to enter into the very presence and Throne Room of God, the Father…we must be in constant fellowship with Him, in our Prayer Closets. It is imperative that we become very aware of the world’s ways and the ways of Divinity, because there is very little common ground between the two, since the time of which Satan had introduced into Humanity, how to rebel and doubt the wisdom and the intentions of God.

God had created humanity as His Greatest Creation. However, Satan tarnished it, in order to prove Him wrong. It is through our communion with God, the Father, that we are given insight to what is of His Ways, and which are not. Evil will constantly distort things so that things will not be as clear cut as time goes on….so it is more pertinent that we become more in tune with God…and that only comes from spending more time within our Prayer Closets.


Trials Direct Us To Our Purpose


“Who Has Not Sinned Shall Cast The First Stone.” – Jesus Christ



Many who try to justify their own thoughts, pass judement. This is mainly based on one’s own insecurity. Those that are secure in their own beliefs will not have the need to pass judgement.  In fact, this is the same stance that God has chosen when if has came to evil. When you are confident in the truth you believe in, that is in being inspired by Divinity, you will not be bothered by the insults that are thrown directly or even even indirectly at you, to challenge your Truth.

You will know God’ s Ways and Divinity’s Ways do not conform to the World’s Ways; and that Truth’s Ways are consistent in nature.Never contradicting. You see God is so certain in His Truth, that He is waiting for His Perfect Timing, to reveal and confirm His Truth to all. Since He has given the gift of freewill to His Children, Mankind, He is giving them a final chance to make the choice for His Children to see and believe, WHOLEHEARTEDLY, in His Truth. We should continue to keeping ourselves accountable, according to the Scripture. When seeking Truth has become a priority in our lives, we will strengthen ourselves, in our Spiritual Journey. We wil begin to truly see how flawed our human nature is, and perfect God is. We will begin to realize how perfect, and Unconditional His Love is. This is not GUILT. This is recognizing how sinful our human nature is; and that we have to always be on guard of reshackling ourselves to the ways of this world, which is exactly what evil wants us to do. You see Jesus Christ set us free upon His Death on the Cross.

While Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, roamed this earth, He never passed His Judgement on anyone that He encountered; though having every Authority to do so. He questioned the doctrines and the legalism enforced by the Pharisees, that had the earthly authority to steer the spiritual paths of those of God’s Children they were put in their charge in, to Shepard.

We have to remember, we should always be on guard of evaluating our spiritual journeys. And backing up our actions in accordance to the Holy Scriptures, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We should be quick to judge ourselves, in accordance to God’s Word. And know His Mercy is abundant….and that His Love is Unconditional.This is what Jesus Christ symbolized.    We can not apply human logic to God’s Divine Logic.But only ask for The Holy Spirit to guide us as to what God’s Will of our lives, to be done.

As We Get Closer in Our Paths to the Eternal Kingdom, The Stronger Our Trials Will Be On This Earth



The world’s ways have often reflected God’s Existence in this world. But how many of us take a moment to truly see this? How many times do we tap in to the connection with God, who created all of us? He says that His Ways are not of this world, but beyond them. The paths of many before us, who have changed Mankind out of God’s Ways of Nonviolence, Love, and Mercy, we see that their life paths were full of earthly trials. You see, what many people often over look, is that more than what we see and hear on this earth, in our lifetimes, we are in a spiritual war. And the earthly trials that we face, are meant to discourage those of us, who decide to follow the path to the Eternal Kingdom, off of the path, and to be shackled by these trials.

You see, to those who do not know Divinity, as Our Father, the Creator, will see those of us, who take on this path, unecessarily taking on the earthly trails, and view it as suffering. But to those who are enduring the trials, will see it as a necessity to unshackle themselves from the ways of this world, to which God says, He is clearly not a part of. In fact, such people often do not see it as suffering. What we have to remember is that evil can manipulate the things of this world. That is what is within the physical world. But God makes it very clear in the Scriptures of the Bible, that a Spiritual Death, is nothing in comparison to a Physical Earthly Death. GOD’S WRATH is far more permanent, than that to which evil could ever inflict on us.

However before we even think about this, we should consider the great love that He shows us everyday, on this earth. He shows us His Loyalty everyday, yet, though being GOD, He gives us the choice to choose of whether to follow His Ways or not. We have till the last breath in our earthly bodies to realize this. We are flawed in our human nature, because of the sin that was committed by Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden. So we are not capable of restoring the earth, by ourselves. As History keeps demonstrating, Mankind has consistently, when taking actions on their own decisions, that such decisions are not taken for the sake of a genuine restoration of equality; but there is something of the self that is always embedded. When you see what Jesus Christ sincerely stood for, you will understand what Love entails, in its truest of forms. You will see that the pricetags of this world, means nothing, in comparison to the Power of Unconditional Love. This is what Jesus Christ showed on the Cross. Spiritual power means to renounce all earthly power. Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, could have chosen to demonstrate His Strength and Power on this earth. But through His Life, Death, and Resurrection, He defined what Spiritual Power was.

And if we are in a spiritual battleground, who better to have on our side, than Jesus Christ! He promised that we if were to take on His Yoke, it will be easy. He said, that victory is through Him. Yet He doesn’t force it on us, neither does he impose it on us. He gently calls us everyday. He tells us that He will forgive, as long as we repent to Him. We have to make the choice, you see, everyday of our lives, to choose God, and His Ways. Evil does not want us to make this choice. So just when we are getting the hang of making the choice everyday, evil will throw a trial at us, in order to make those who choose the path, bitter towards God; and eventually with the final goal of throwing us off the path. The stronger we resist evil, the more harsher our trials will be. Many do not want to hear this, because we now live in a world that is focused on earthly success, and self gratification. And it would be a complete contradiction to human logic, to say that to enter the “Glory of God’s Kingdom”, you will have to endure a path of earthly suffering. Because God means it, when He says His Ways are not of the world’s ways. We are required to break away from the earth’s ways. And with each trial we conquer with the help of Jesus Christ, we break those shackles off, once again. We will begin to see how Divinity truly values the things of this world. And whatever may seem beautiful by the earthly definition, may not be, in the Eyes of God, in His Eternal Kingdom. In fact only someone with Spiritual Strength can see this. Will such people be scared? As human beings, yes, they will be. In fact, just for a SPLIT SECOND, Jesus Christ had a moment of weakness, in the Garden of Gesthmane. He immediately retracted that fear, and surrendered to Our Father’s Will. A “perfect love, will drive out all fear…” And this is what Jesus Christ demonstrated on the Cross, at Calvary, for all of Mankind.

How Strong Is Your Faith, These Days?



Faith is a very important thing to an individual.It gives someone the opportunity to communicate with the Divine Creator. It gives a guidance to a way of life that is moral,and a code of conduct towards our environments, and fellow Man. And in moments where the logic of this world has failed us, it provides a source of hope, that there truly is a Higher Force that sees all ways that are unjust and ill-gotten, whose ways do not conform to the world’s…ways of only considering tbe Self, and becoming servants to selfulfillment. But are ways that are Selfless, and Sacrificial, in nature. And trust me, there will be times ahead, where we will see more confusion, and chaos in this world, where human logic will not be able to explain it all.

However, as we see today, there seems to be less and less value of faith, and more and more value for human knowledge. This trend often reminds me of how sin was introduced to Mankind.It brings me back to the story of Adam & Eve, and how they were enticed by KNOWLEDGE, to which Evil had said would allow for both Adam & Eve to have the same wisdom as God, the Father of Creation. Now let’s step outside of this whole “faith discussion, for a moment. If you created anything, personally like a recipe, or anything at your job, or an invention of your own, has anyone outside of you, the Inventor, known more, or AS MUCH as you, the inventor? Has the Creation ever become equivalent in knowledge as to the Creator?NO. So why does Man think, with the knowledge that they obtain, that they will know as much as God, or become godlike? Or for that matter have no use for God? JUST A THOUGHT.

There needs to be a BALANCE OF FAITH AND KNOWLEDGE. The knowledge obtained through the world has to often be cross checked with Divinity. Why? Because evil can manipulate anything on this earth. The earth is its realm. And anything that can be manipulated on this earth, can be manipulated by evil. And the only way to cross check evil, is through regular communication with the Divine Father of Creation.

On this earth, there will come a time where this balance is tested. And only by faith cross checking the knowledge that we have, can we have the guidance to discern the deception, to which evil can manipulate, through an unchecked knowledge. Faith is needed. Knowledge is also needed. But when it comes to the time of when we have to know what can save our lives, and what can not….faith trumps it all. God has promised all those who decided to serve Him, and His Will of their lives, that HE WILL PROVIDE THE KNOWLEDGE THAT IS NECESSARY for His Service. And that our first priority is to get our houses in order first, in faith, with this balance.

How strong is your faith these days? If evil was staring you in the face, would you be able to have the Holy Spirit to help you to discern the deception? The Holy Spirit can only dwell where it is accepted. And this acceptance can only come by faith in God, the Father of Creation. And no matter what Walk of an Earthly Life you come from, God translates Himself, UNIFORMLY. He is constant….never strays. It is Man that MADE THE CHOICE with their freewill, to stray away, and mix with evil, at times. But God is CONSTANT, no matter the time of the times, or circumstance of the world. And faith will provide that consistency, with an everchanging world of knowledge.

Never Regret Loving Someone That Does Not Return That Same Love Back

For those that are broken hearted….remember there is a Higher Being that sees the love that you share, and that is not returned.

Food For the Spiritual Soul's Blog



When it comes to love, in its purest form, where is its source? Think about the great power love carries?

It has been PROVEN to do the following:

1) To heal the most deepest of wounds of the heart.

2) To make enemies into friends.

3) To make the lonely feel loved.

4) To bring order to chaos.

5) To bring peace in war.

6) To find truth, even when lies are being told to you.

7) To revive a soul that is lost to darkness.

8) To unite, what was once broken.

And these are just the few that I can think of, off of the top of my head. These are such powerful actions, with permanent results that change Mankind for GOOD. For love to be this powerful, it must come from a source that is not found on this earth; but beyond it. God says He…

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A Letter From the Almighty Father to His Children

Something we should all think about……

Food For the Spiritual Soul's Blog

My Dear Children:

I weep for you everyday.  I have created you in “My Image”; yet you defile yourself.  Instead of being pleased with your image, which is Mine, you defile me with  plastic surgery, lust, and vanity.  If you are in My Image,am I that ugly to you?  While you believe you are creating a masterpiece, you have destroyed MY MASTERPIECE.  I have created many companions for you, in the form of animals, trees and flowers that decorate the earth, and even companionship with each other; but you insist that in order to survive, you must destroy all this.  I have created you all…to live in perfect harmony with each other, to love one another.  You insist that with your pride and arrogance that you know better than even I, who created you.  As a Father to all of My Creations, I weep for how lost you have all…

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Trials Are Meant To Make You Stronger In Faith



Though it may be hard to see at the moment of enduring such things in one’s life, it is in such moments we truly begin to realize the strength that God has put within all of HIs People. We just have to have the courage to step outside of what we know of the worldly sense, and trust enough to tap into the God given strength, that He has put with ALL of us. Of course this would require that we rely on an Unseen God, which is very difficult for MANY people to do. This is why it is so important to develop a daily relationship with God. Just as we do with all other relationships within our lives, or even the hobbies that we invest time in, in perfecting; it is pertinent that we invest time in developing and strengthening the relationship we have with the Father of Creation. There will come a time in all of our lives where the logic that is standing right before us, will not make any sense. It can not be rationalized or intellectualized…..and that is when God enters onto the scene with His Logic, with His Solutions, that which He has always stated that He could provide for us are BEYOND the ways of this world. We often restrict ourselves to the ways of this world, which only makes us shackled to the evil one.

Remember God knows our strengths…and HE NEVER GIVES US anything we can not handle. But we have to seek Him, and we have to grow stronger in our bond with Him. This only comes through a strong relationship with Him. He can give us strength that is beyond all of our own understanding. But we must ask Him for it…..we must surrender ourselves to it. And this only comes when we detach ourselves in valuing the things of this world. Because clearly says that HE IS NOT OF THE WORLD’s WAYS, but beyond them. When we roam this earth, we often forget this. We are all guilty of it. We must not forget; otherwise we will end up losing ourselves to the ways of this world.

Trial and challenges put within our lives are done to make us lost to the world’s ways, which are currently running rampantly with things are not acceptable in the Eyes of God. We often fear the punishments of this world; because we often think the battle that we are fighting is that for which we see with our eyes; and hear with our ears. The truth is that there is a spiritual war, that everyone of all races, creeds, and ages are involved in. And we must realize that the only way to survive a SPIRITUAL Battle is by growing strong in our faith; in our spirit. God has made His presence known to us in many different ways. So why do we have to doubt that He exists?

He gives us till the last breath in our earthly bodies to make things right with Him. He gives us every opportunity to come to Him. He has the authority and power to take away all pain, injustice, and sadness. We just have to rely on Him…come to Him. His love is so great, that we could not even fully understand the magnitude of such love. Our faith will be tested….our hearts will be broken even more than what we have experienced…and our souls will be tested. But trials, come to strengthen a faith that has a relationship with God. And God will only draw you closer to Him. We are souls and hearts that are being fought over, in the spiritual realm. And we must purify and grow stronger in faith. Purification comes through tests, and evaluation of these tests….

So endure, wholeheartedly, knowing that God wants you. The more trials you face, that means the more angry evil is getting that you are going further away from it; and getting closer to God. Become closer to God…grow stronger in your faith…..endure the trials. Because God’s Wrath is far worse than anything you could imagine…..Evil tempts…deceives…so that you will enter that wrath…which is spending eternity in destruction, with Satan and his demons. But at the same time, God’s Eternity is far glorious than anything we could imagine within the human mind. Entrust yourself to the God, who says HIS TRUTH PREVAILS.

Focus on The Spiritual War at Hand….

Spiritual warfare Call of God

There is a mighty battle going on for control of your mind. Heaven and earth intersect in your mind; the tugs of both spheres influence your thinking. I created you with the capacity to experience foretastes of heaven. When you shut out the world and focus on My Presence, you can enjoy sitting with Me in Heavenly realms. This is an incredible privilege reserved for precious ones who belong to Me and seek My Face,. Your greatest strength is your desire to spend time communing with Me. As you concentrate on Me, My Spirit fills your mind, with Life and Peace.

The world exerts a downward pull on your thoughts. Media bombard you with greed, lust, and cynicism. When you face these things, pray for protection and discernment. Stay in continual communication with Me whenever you walk through the wastelands of this world. Refuse to worry, because this form of worldliness will weigh you down and block awareness of My Presence. Stay alert, recognizing the battle being waged against your mind. Look forward to an eternity of strife free living, reserved for you in Heaven.”  

-Sarah Young, “Jesus Calling”.

In Memorial of 9/11

InMemoriamof 911

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